New Book To Call Attention to Women Surgeons’ Stories

By Christina Frangou

Female surgeons are now being called on to write and submit stories for a new book that will highlight the experiences of women surgeons.Preeti John, MD, project organizer and critical care surgeon in Baltimore, said there are remarkably few books written by women in the surgical field. As a result, she decided to compile an anthology of stories and articles from female surgeons.

The goal is to collect about 50 contributions from surgeons across the United States who are in private practice or academic surgery as well as from surgical residents-in-training. Selected contributions will be compiled into a book and published sometime next year.

Dr. John is seeking contributions from women in the form of anecdotes, essays, biographies and even poems. The stories can recount experiences during training and work as well as from life outside surgery. Women also can choose to be interviewed about their story if they do not have time to devote to writing an original article.

“These stories deserve to be shared to encourage and inspire young women, and to sensitize and educate a broader public, not just in the United States, but across the globe,” she said.

Dr. John asks anyone interested to contact her by email at Original contributions have no specific guidelines and there is no word limit. The deadline for draft submissions is April 30, 2012.